About Interfaith United

celebrating religious and cultural diversity

Interfaith United is led by 20 faith and community leaders who come from diverse faith traditions and practices throughout Brevard County, Florida. As people of faith, what we have in common is much greater than our differences. Together, we work to build relationships, create a better understanding of different faiths and traditions, and promote unity as a combined force for service. In June 2020 three separate organizations, Interfaith Affiliations of Brevard, Interfaith Connections, and United in Thanksgiving, merged to become Interfaith United, a nonprofit corporation in the state of Florida. With combined resources, the events and service projects of the three organizations will be expanded.


Interfaith United builds bridges of understanding by connecting diverse people and beliefs through learning and service.

Our Core Values

Loving Neighbors

We believe in treating others with dignity, respect, compassion, and genuine care not just through word, but also through deed.

Sacred Connections

By sharing our spiritual paths, we deepen our awareness of the sacred in each other and in all of life.

Safe Spaces

We welcome people of all faiths, race, culture, language, sexual orientation and ability.

Servant Hearts

Together we engage in good works to cultivate justice, harmony and hope in the community and the world.

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