Interfaith United

Interfaith United

A merger of interfaith connections, IFAB, and United in Thanksgiving

About interfaith United

Interfaith United is a nonprofit organization of 20 faith and community leaders representing diverse faith traditions and practices throughout Brevard County, Florida. As people of faith, what we have in common is much greater than our differences. Together, we work to build relationships, create a better understanding of different faiths and traditions, and promote unity as a combined force for service. In June 2020 three separate organizations, Interfaith Affiliations of Brevard, Interfaith Connections, and United in Thanksgiving merged to become Interfaith United. With our combined resources, the events and service projects of the three organizations will continue with expanded outreach.

United in Faith:
Sharing Stories, Finding Hope

A new virtual event that will be available in August 2020. Short videos of individual stories revealing the personal impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and social and racial injustice, as well as sources of faith, inspiration, and hope. Stories are provided by individual contributors and leaders from diverse faith communities. Music will be provided by a virtual choir as well as the Brevard Symphony Orchestra.